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Hello there, I've been writing/reading fanfiction for 5 years and this is where I post updates to my stories on fanfiction.net and Archive of Our Own, you can find me on either under Crystal Volcheck. In the mean time feel free to ask me anything or request a fic.

I’m going to head out to my Ed Tech class in a bit, then once it’s over I’m going to return to command central and nest for a bit because I’m in agony and generally feel like shit. Therefore I will not be working on any fics or rec lists tonight, unless mother nature decides to quit being a bitch or my pain meds decide to kick in, whatever comes first.


Main Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester

Rating(s): M/E

Description from Ao3:

Ellen and Jo Harvelle run Harvelle’s Roadhouse, a bar that unintentionally becomes a beacon for wayward queer souls.

Her employees: Dean, the smartass runaway with a big heart and bigger mouth; Castiel, the college drop-out turned hippie; his (surprisingly heterosexual) trouble-making brother Gabriel; and Charlie, who has been told several times that the back room is not to be used for after-hours Dungeons & Dragons games.

But there’s a lot of love in this place, and a new family for anyone who may otherwise be without.

This is hands down my favorite SPN series, it has humor, angst, fluff, and smut in all the right amounts.  

Main Pairing: Benny Lafitte/Dean Winchester

Rating(s): T/M/E

This series is an A/B/O’verse featuring Omega!Dean running away after overhearing that John was going to have him mated off to one of his hunting buddies, finding not only his own life but his true mate Alpha!Benny along the way.  It’s a sweet fic with plenty of heartbreaking moments and fluff with touches of smut and  it wouldn’t be a true A/B/O fic without Dean putting Alphas in their place.

Main Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester

Rating(s): T/M/E

Summary from Ao3:

Driving down a deserted road in the Rocky Mountains, Castiel finds something unexpected: An omega. Not only an omega, but a naked, injured, pregnant omega.

Dean doesn’t talk much at first, but that doesn’t change the brightness of his soul.

It also doesn’t stop Castiel from falling in love with him.

Another A/B/O series with Omega!Dean and Alpha!Castiel, this series has a lot of angst, but just as many tender/sweet fluffy moments. Although I do advise some caution with this fic as there is some pretty dark content, with Dean’s past and all.

-More Series To Be Added- 


For anyone not aware, in 1970 Kent State University, Ohio, was the site of a massacre


The Ohio National Guard opened fire on unarmed college students, killing four of their victims and wounding 9 more, including one individual who suffered permanent paralysis.

Some of the students shot had…


Urban Outfitters, what the hell were you thinking? 

This “vintage” Kent State University sweatshirt briefly went on sale Sunday night at Urban Outfitters for just $129. 

To the amateur fashionista, this may look like a unique take on the classic college sweatshirt. But to anyone with a cursory knowledge of American history, however, it looks more like a reference to the shooting massacre at Kent State on May 4, 1970, when four unarmed college students were killed and nine wounded by Ohio National Guardsmen during a Vietnam War protest at the university. 

Understandably, people were pissed.

Read Urban Outfitters’ response

So I know Halloween is like over a month away, but I was reorganizing my closet since I brought back a whole bunch of clothes from my visit home this weekend, anyway I noticed this jacket and shirt (I’d probably go with a different shirt) together and I kind of want to dress as Dean Winchester for Halloween or Deanna Winchester. Think I could pull it off?

He who fights monsters,should beware lest he become a monster himself -Friedrich Nietzsche

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This belongs to Love At First Bite which is a collection of one-shots set in an alternate universe where Benny is a baker and Dean is a mechanic, they’re both down on their luck, but find everything that they need in each other.

For this installment:

Benny comes home from work to find that Dean destroyed the kitchen in a fit of stress baking, but Dean’s bad day only leads to a fresh start.  Find it at AO3  FF  or Under the Cut

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based off this post, which was too perfect in every way, right down to Dean’s daughter braiding Sam’s hair, not to draw

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Decided to whip up a cover for Books and Lace, however I left my copy of Interview with the Vampire at home and I don’t own any white lacy panties so I had to make do.

Last night I received a PM through my fanfiction.net  account asking about requests…


and while I do take requests I normally check out the persons profile if possible to get a better idea of what their request might entail, however once I clicked on the name…


nothing. Plus the join date is fairly recent, so I went to google and found this…


almost every single on of these is about a troll who asks writers to create sexually explicit material between underage female characters from fandoms that they don’t typically write for. For more information on how long this has been going on I recommend reading this page from the fanlore wiki.

I have not responded to jeremy.crawford27 nor do I plan to, instead I will be reporting the account. 

Please pass this information along to other fanfiction writers so that they are aware of this and do not fall victim to harassment.